Cold November Rains quickly changed into a Winter Wonderland on the banks of the Pere Marquette River. Fall appears to have left Northern Michigan for 2018. Winter Steelheading is in full effect, with the white stuff on the ground and water temps dropping like a rock. You can find Steelhead scattered through out the whole river system. The bite however is slowing down with the colder and clearer water now.

Washing the truck and boat last week worked, we saw some rain and the Steelhead fishing improved for about a day or two. With the heavy rains last night, the river is rising. With more rain in the forecast, the river should come up quite a bit. You can find Steelhead through out the whole river system.   Fishing should only improve with a little more water in the river. 

Fall for me is such a stressful time of year, in a good way though.  It’s the decision’s when you have a day off, do I go Grouse hunting, Bow Hunting or Steelhead fishing? Pretty good problem to have if you ask me.  I recently  had my usual time off to do some Hunting and re-group for my  Steelhead Season ahead.   It was a successful week, the freezer is

That’s a wrap, Salmon Season 2018 is in the books.  Thanks to everyone who joined me this fall. It was great to see and fish with everyone.   There are still plenty of King’s in the river though. The river level did come up towards the end of the week.  With the higher water and leaves, the water has good color to it.  You can find Salmon through out the

The Pere Marquette River is starting to show its vibrant  Fall colors of orange, red and yellow’s as the leaves are starting to turn.   We still have been chasing King Salmon,there’s still plenty through out the whole river.   I will admit though that I’m getting really anxious to start targeting Chrome Steelhead on the swung fly.  Just last night for no reason at all I lined up my

 Starting to feel a little more like fall this last weekend with cooler mornings and nights. Other then Salmon in the river, there’s not a lot of sign of fall along the banks. The trees are just starting to change and the Mosquitoes are horrible. Never thought we would have to have the Theramacell’s and Off out in September.  The Pere Marquette River is still fishing well for King Salmon.

The Pere Marquette is back into shape since the heavy rains and storms.   The river is floatable now from M-37 to Upper Branch Bridge.  Big thank you to the Baldwin Canoe Rental, some Guides and U.S.F.S. for cleaning up the river.   River has dropped quite a bit and is clearing. You can find King Salmon through out the whole river system.  Look for fish to continue to start

Last week turned into quite the mess in our area.  The weather turned ugly Tuesday night bringing heavy rains, high winds and two confirmed Tornados one hit Baldwin and one hit Idlewild. I have never seen so many trees and power lines down.  Thanks to everyone in our community for working so hard this last week. Clearing trees, debris and getting the power up again. It’s a mess up here

The Pere Marquette River is on the rise, we’re getting some much needed rain up here right now.  The river is getting dirty and coming up more.   A few Salmon started to show up in the river last week with the recent rains we had.  They were moving fast though, due to the dirty water.  Best bet was tossing crankbaits down river for more success.   Trout fishing was

Terrestrial Fishing on the Pere Marquette remains good.  All about Hoppertunity’s right now, somedays the bite has been better then others.   A mix bag of Crickets, Damsel, Cicada and Hopper ‘s have all worked well.  The River is extremely low and clear, a good cast in the right spot is key to success. Pics from this week.   Good friend and one of the best Ambassador’s for our Sport