As you can see by the pictures winter arrived once again. Looked and felt more like middle of January last couple of  weeks then middle of April.  We really needed rain up here and most of last weekend we saw it in the frozen form.  We received so much freezing rain it actually accumulated like snow, then we saw snow.  The river did rise and started to drop by Tuesday.

Mother Nature’s cruel joke is getting old now.  It was funny at first, but Winter just wont let go. I went XC Skiing the last two evenings , just crazy.  Last week we saw two Winter blizzards come in and Arctic temperature’s by the weekend. With low’s in the single digits and snow accumulation of 8 inches or more.  Steelhead fishing became even tougher then it already was.  With the

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter.  Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River is kind of with the same pattern as the weather right now, up and down.   It’s looking more like the end of April instead of the beginning.   The river needs rain in a bad way, the water levels are low.  We saw some precipitation over the weekend but it was in the form of snow again. 

Steelhead fishing went from really good after the high water, to getting bad as the river dropped and became colder.  Now it’s getting ugly, river is at summer lows.  Steelhead fishing feels more like the end of April then the end of March. We need rain in a big way, looks like maybe will get some this week. I know my fingers are crossed.  We’re still getting opportunity’s at Steelhead


Mar 2018

March Madness!

Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River is getting tougher by the day.   With lack of precipitation, cold nights and sunny days the river is extremely low and clear.  A majority of the Fall / Winter Steelhead have now spawned and worked there way out to Lake Michigan. For now there are  Steelhead scattered through out the whole river system, just not a lot.   We desperately could use


Mar 2018

Winter is Back!

Winter showed itself once again along the Pere Marquette River.    Snow came down on Tuesday and through out the rest of the week.  I don’t mind the cold, after all it’s Steelhead fishing and it’s still Winter.  Cold weather can be  good, it will drop the water temps down, keeping the fresher Spring fish from spawning. The river already is getting low and clear with winter water temps back

Steelhead fishing is getting a little better now that the Pere Marquette River has dropped from the heavy rains the week before. You will find fresher fish scattered through out the whole river system now as they work there way up the river to spawn.  Last week felt like Spring was fast approaching with warmer weather and water temps. Looking ahead though, looks like we’re in for more normal air

The last couple of weeks the weather finally felt like it was going to change over to  Spring.   I’m hoping it’s for good and not just another tease.  Yesterday morning I even heard the song of the “Cheeseburger Bird” while putting the boat in.  While the weather felt like Spring, the Steelhead fishing the last two weeks has still felt like Winter Fishing. Covering a lot of water to

Hard to believe February is already upon us.  It’s busy around here, trying to get everything done before the end of the month.  No more procrastinating, time to fill up the Fly Boxes instead of Skiing and Fishing.   Time to get the Tax’s and Food preparation done before “March Madness” begins.  Which isn’t that far out, only a few more weeks. Hopefully Mother Nature allows the river to be

That was a nice little tease of Spring.  We are seeing some crazy weather patterns on the Pere Marquette River. Hard to believe not to long ago the river was frozen solid with temps in the singe digits and this last week temps in the 50’s.  The river is in good shape the ice is now gone and the water level is good.  We did lose quite a bit of