Oct 2017

River is Up!

The Pere Marquette River finally received the much needed rain it needed in the last two months.   We saw a significant amount of rain over the weekend bringing the water up and making it dirty.  Fishing for Salmon continued last week as another push of fresher fish entered the river.   Along with the King Salmon a few more Coho Salmon came in and a few Chrome Steelhead too. For myself last week it didn’t matter what we hooked I was just blessed to be back on the water.   I was able to walk in clients all week, where we fished for King and what ever else we found interested in taking our flies. That’s what’s great about this time of year is you never know what your going to hook.  We saw some Trout, Kings, Coho’s and even jumped a small Steelhead on Thursday.  Look for fishing to continue to get better after the water drops.

Pics Scott and I had a great day on the water and he even brought in a great Coho.  Bill with a nice King.  John and Bruce had a great day of Salmon fishing.  Tis the season Chrome Steelhead and months of swinging flies just around the corner. Was so excited, I could finally tie a fly last week after the accident.

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