Spring is finally here to stay, Steelhead are heading out and the Trout are starting to look up after a long winter

I believe Spring has finally arrived on the Pere Marquette River.   The Gobbler’s are Gobbling and the  Morels are starting to pop.  The river is coming up fast and getting dirty with recent rains Friday night and Saturday night.  Just like the up and downs of the water level, this last couple weeks has been a roller coaster of ride for Steelhead fishing.   Unfortunately a majority of the Steelhead that are left are spawning or sitting around  gravel.  Not finding to many in the pools or runs now.   We have had to fish a lot of water for a few good fish.  With the warmer weather, water temps are warm, which is allowing the fish to spawn even faster and head back to the lake.    There are some bright fish around,  for the most part a lot of Steelhead are dropping fast.   Trout fishing is going to start soon for me, something I really look forward to each and every year.   The Salmon Fry really started to hatch in the last week and a abundance all over waters edge.   Trout will start to key on Streamers and even some Dry Flies once the Steelhead eggs are gone and they become hungry again, as I’m sure this last rain filled them up.   Smaller Stoneflies are hatching along with small Olives and I did see some Hendrickon’s the other day with the warmer weather.  For Steelhead on the Fly it’s been smaller Nukes in brighter colors when the river was up and now more natural tones in Cream, Oregon Cheese and White.   Fry patterns worked well this week along with Stoneflies.   On the swing when the water was stained smaller Leeches seemed to do the trick.   Hope everyone enjoys their Easter Weekend!!!!

Pics since the last post.  Bruce and John had a great day bringing a few Steelhead to hand but the real prize was this monster Brown Trout , Bruce took on a the Fry Pattern.   Jen with a nice PM Buck taken on the chilly morning.   Whitney, Amber and Jenny joined me last week on a cold rainy, windy miserable day water was high but so were the girls spirits we had a few battles but other then that just got wet. They did manage to get a big one at the boat ramp. (: (pic they sent me after the trip)  Matt with a nice Hen taken on a  Stonefly.    Dick fished hard and managed to find a couple players on the swing.   Scott and Rick did great , we had some clouds and the fish were happy. Here are a few Steelhead from there annual spring outing.