Apr 2017

Trout Opener

The Pere Marquette  Steelhead Season has come to and end for me this week.  There are a few Steelhead in the system.  Last weeks rain brought the river level up again and with the warmer temps the Steelhead were spawning faster and they rode the wave out.   The fish that are around are spawning or are drop backs sitting in some of the pools and runs.   I want to thank everyone who joined me for a great Spring of Steelhead fishing.  With the Seasons though, comes another and Trout season is starting to kick-off for me and for the whole state of Michigan on Saturday.  Streamer fishing started with a bang last week with only three casts into it, Mark got a dandy.   The river has great color for slapping the meat and potatoes on the bank. Colors that seem to be working well are White, Yellow’s and smaller Black Leech imitations.   I did start to see some Hendrickon’s last week along with small Stoneflies still.  Look for fish to start looking up as the day warms and more bugs start to hatch.

Pics  (Top)  One of my favorite musician’s  of all time Greg Brown with a sweet little gig singing of Trout and a simple life on the Laughing River.   Joe and Dave with a couple of nice Steelhead.  Justin with a great Steelhead taken on a Fry Pattern.  Mark starting the first day of Trout fishing for me with this great Brown on a streamer. Let the Streamer fishing begin White and Olive is a great color on many Michigan Trout Streams in the Spring.