Colder temps with frost warning at night and high sun during the day, made for a interesting week for Trout on the Pere Marquette River.    Trout fishing wasn’t easy last week but sticking to it, with high hopes of the clouds staying and fishing smaller streamers payed off.  Spring has finally sprung, the banks are getting green , the trees are blossoming and even spotted a Oriole and a Humming Bird, this last weekend.  With the warmer weather,  we’re  seeing a few number of bugs in the late afternoons and evenings.   Hendrickson’s, Yellow Sally’s and a few Golden Stoneflies have been popping.  Look for Dry Fly fishing to really kick off this week with air temps in the mid seventies to eighties.   The river has dropped and becoming really clear , early mornings and evenings will be your best bet for some quality Trout fishing.   Summer is such a great time to explore new water and visit old familiar water.  It could be your favorite Bluegill  Lake close  to home or a week long adventure on a river somewhere for Trout, get out and enjoy the outdoors. Just remember the bug spray !!!! (:

Pics  Scott  was fortunate to get to fish on the cloudiest day of the week, he had much success.  Taking a couple nice Brown Trout on Streamers.  The Stealth Raft (  is a great tool for Michigan Rivers ,especially low water and the middle of summer. I know mine has served me well for the last few years.   Start of Spring , Oriole in all its bright colors.