Trout fishing on the Pere Marquette last  couple of weeks has been tough. With the New Moon and lack of bugs in the evening.  The fish which normally would be sipping on a smudges board of bugs this time of year really haven’t been feeding on top at all.  Are Drakes came to early and were to abundant ,this really filled the fish up.  So lately its been a game of “try this dry fly I hooked a big one on it last year”.  I will be honest with you in saying this time of year I love to fish the Dry Fly from now through August.  It’s that time of year right? Fish should be looking up !!!!  Stoneflies have been working well along with Drakes and Iso’s fished along the banks in the low light of evening.  During the day smaller Stimulators, Cricket patterns and Damsel Flies have brought a few fish to hand.   Also try smaller Buggers, and Soft Hackle Flies to resemble Salmon Fry Swing these flies just under the surface.    Sure we will see Hex’s by the weekend with this heat were having this week. Will keep you posted.

If interested in doing some fishing with me this year for Trout, Steelhead or Salmon. I have these days left on the calendar for 2017.    Aug 7,8  Nov 25, Dec 12,19. email me if interested. Thanks