The Pere Marquette River is finally dropping from all the rain. Last week we had some hot days and muggy nights up here a perfect recipe to get the Hex hatch going and it did.  Bugs really started to pop, the only problem was with all the rain the Trout couldn’t pick them off the surface and would imagine a lot of the fish were full from all the goodies that washed in with the high water.  Now unfortunately   this week were seeing much cooler weather, which will slow the bugs down and hopefully we wont see more in the way of rain.   For flies last week Hex’s of course will be the bug of choice after dark right now, especially in the lower river.   Don’t forget those ISO’s, these have been fishing well along with Stoneflies before dark.   Streamers are even working well during the day with the dirty water.

Last week was the week of fishing in between the weather.  Nelson and Joe fished in the middle of a hot muggy day before the rains came. We hunted hard and Nelson took this Trophy PM Brown on a Dry at 3 in the afternoon. Joe took this nice fish as the storm was brewing and thunder was rumbling.  Hex’s started mid week with the muggy weather and now is the season of waiting for the bugs and getting the reward.  Heather and I went down to DTE theatre to see Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds. It was a awesome show they jammed it out with all the great old tunes  and some great guitar picking by Tim Reynolds. Who to me is a overlooked great guitar player, the man can jam.  We also had a visitor Monday morning at the house, Boo Boo in the flesh!!!