We have had quite a wierd Trout Season this year on the Pere Marquette River.   The hatches have come and gone with hot muggy weather and so many storm cells coming in and out of the area. These storms have punished us with heavy rains and high water.  Sure recipe for filling trout up and keeping them from looking up.   We have still managed to get some quality fish and this high water is not only good for the river but good for the fish in fatting them up for the cold winter months ahead.   Just like the  Gray Drakes the Hex hatch kind of came and went.   We still had a few bugs last week, but not a lot of fish feeding on them because they were full.   The river was in the banks by last weekend and very dirty from numerous storms we received towards the end of the week.   The water is now dropping but looks like another big cell to hit us tonight and there calling for rain through Friday of this week. So river once again could be on the rise by Saturday.   We did have decent streamer fishing on the cloudy days and some Dry Fly fishing when the river was lower on the morning of 6/28.   There’s a buffet of smaller flies in the area, including Trico’s already , which normally I don’t see until at mid July through August, that tells you how weird the summer is so far on the river.   Also seeing BWO’S, some Sulphurs still and Iso’s along with Stoneflies.   For Streamers try smaller with flash and fish a little slower, the water temps have cooled off a bit from the rain.

Some Pere Marquette Trout taken last week including a nice Summer Steelhead that put up a good fight on the 5 weight.  Last of the Hex’s before the next round of storms and high water arrived.