Sorry for a lapse in reports!  Instead of riding my Mountain Bike or Dirtbike on such a nice Holiday weekend, I was riding the couch.  Things are better now and I’m back on the river.    The river is in pretty good shape, came up a little with some rain we received last Sunday night.   The Trout fishing has been very spotty. The Gray Drakes are starting to fizzle out now , still seeing a few bugs around just not a lot of fish keying in on them.     Now it’s a waiting game for the Hex’s, with a little warmer weather they should start popping soon.    For now though it’s small Streamers and Nymphs during the day along with a few Stimulator/ Attractor Dry Flies and in the evening Gray Drakes and some bigger Stonefly imitations.

If interested in some Trout fishing or Fall Salmon or Steelhead these are the days I left available for 2017.    Aug 1,8,9,30/  Oct 25 / Dec 12,13,19  You can email me at Thanks and hope everyone is doing well.

Don’t forget about the PMTU banquet coming up on June 24th. For more info or to check out all the great items and guide trips from some of the premiere guides in the State go to