Sorry for the lapse in reports, things have been a little crazy around here.  Spent a couple more weeks under the weather and on the couch.  Now I’m back in full swing, guiding for Trout on my favorite river.   The Pere Marquette has been hit or miss on the Trout fishing as of lately.   The river is in good shape, you find the water is a little dirtier in the middle and lower sections and the upper section is much lower and clearer.   The fishing has been tough just because of all the storm cell’s once again coming in and out of the area.   We have been on the water in a lot of low pressure scenario’s.  Right now it seems the nicer the day the better the fishing especially when it heats up a little.  This by far is one of favorite times of year to Trout fish,  it’s HOPPER time.    Just a great way to spend a summer day on a great river in Northern Michigan.   For flies try Hopper patterns, Ant’s and beetles in a variety of color.  Early in the morning the Trico’s are coming off , along with some Olives on those cloudy rainy days.   Smaller Streamers work well too , in lower light situations or cloudy days.

Pics, One of my favorite Birds of the river.  (Cedar Wax Wing)  Nick with a solid Brown taken mid day on a Terrestrial.   Dan with a nice PM Brown.   Nancy worked hard in the heat of the day to find this sipper.  Arie with a great Rainbow that fought as hard as a Steelhead.