Wow, it’s hard to believe the summer is almost to a end. The kids are heading  back to school and I start my Salmon Season next week. The forecast so far for this year’s Salmon run is there running big. There has been a few 30 plus pounders caught in the big water along with a 40 plus pounder.  There are a few Kings in the river right now, not a ton though.  Usually it’s the norm for this time of year, especially when we see cooler nights and rain.   The river is in good shape right now, not to high and not to low.  It’s much clearer the higher you go up stream.

Last week,  Heather and I had a great Staycation last week.  We hit all of the best Lower Michigan Singletrack Trail’s this summer.  We rode the Big M, Arcadia, the North Country trail from Red Bridge to Marilla which is not for the beginner’s, but is a true epic lower Michigan Mountain Bike trail.  We also went and experienced  Glacial Hills Singletrack in Bellaire Michigan which was awesome , it’s kind of a cross between Arcadia and Copper Harbor.  Really flowy and fun and the best part is you can hit Short’s Brewery when your done.   After working  out the legs, it was time for a rest so we did some Hopper fishing and Heather found a few good fish willing to play.  Then it was back on two wheels with a great dirt bike ride with Heather and Clint of Red Moose Lodge.  Now it’s back to the river and trying to get all the chores done before the fishing season starts and the snow starts.