Hard to believe summer is coming to an end.  Kids are heading back to school and soon my Salmon season will be starting.   Due to the cooler water this summer from all the storm cells we have received.  We do have a few Salmon around along with some Summer Run Steelhead (Skamanian’s).  We have actually hooked a Steelhead every month this year since January.  That is just one of the coolest things about the Pere Marquette River.   The Trout fishing seems to be holding its own, some days are defiantly better then others.  Seeing a few Trico’s in the morning hours and we do have a good amount of Hopper’s along the banks and Damsel Flies fluttering around the edges on the hot humid days.   Ants should also start to work well mid day.   The river is in good shape came up last week with a little color, now is starting to drop and clear again.

Pics On Friday morning the river exploded when this summer run Steelhead nailed Ryan’s fly, it was one of the greatest takes I have ever seen. Ryan hooked this fish on a 8ft 5 weight  and a floating line.  Ryan topped off the rainy day with a few nice Trout too.  Bob fished the foam fly on a hot sunny day, finding this great PM Brown Trout. Staring off another great morning in the Stealthcraft.