It’s “Terrestrial Time” on the Pere Marquette River.  Fishing last week was tough with multiple fronts moving in and out.  We did see some rain last week which was much needed. The river was very low and clear.  Now it has a little color to it.  Flies have been a multiple Hopper patterns in Green, Tan and Yellow.  Trico’s have been coming off pretty good in the mornings.  Ant’s and Beetles will start to heat up as well.  In the evenings bigger Stones and Stimulator’s are still getting them looking up.

Pics from the week not to many grip and grins. Tried a different approach,  pics of the river in summer. Enjoy!!!!  To many fly choices this time of year.  Whitetail Deer cooling off on a hot summer day. One of my favorite Birds of the Summer on the Pere Marquette River , Cedar Wax Wing. (Kevin Most Photo) Nice Rainbow took Ralph’s Hopper.  A great Brown taken on a Damsel Fly.  Wild Brown fooled by Madam X.