Hope everyone is doing well and getting excited for the Holiday weekend.   Sorry for the lapse of reports, the day after my last report was not a good one.  I was in a dirt bike accident and now unfortunately I’m laid up for awhile.  I broke my arm so running a boat this month will be out of the question.  Not to worry though, will still be posting fishing reports on a weekly basis.  I went from becoming the guide to the outfitter, booking a few guides for some of my Salmon Trips this month. We will still have the pics and the insight of where the Kings are and what there interested in taking each week.  Right now the King run is under way with a few fish in the river. We saw a good push of fish the week of my accident in the lower river near the mouth.  With the bright sunny days and clear water these fish scattered quickly , most of them went up stream looking for cooler water.  Fly Fishing mid to upper river is good right now and the lower river fishing with lures is getting a little tougher with the sunny day’s.   We need a good rain to bring more fish into the system along with cooler nights.

Would like to thank everyone who joined me for another great summer of chasing Trout.  It’s by far one of my favorite times of year to be on the river and I enjoy sharing it with all of you.  A big thanks to my family and friends for all your help and kind words this last week. And  big thank you to Heather for being there with me through all this and helping me with everything.  Healing is going well, more then anything just really bored.  Most of you who know me, know I’m not one to sit around and watch TV.  Thanks again to everyone for your blessings and help. Thanks to all my client’s for being understanding and patient.