Our prayers and thoughts go out to everyone in Texas and Florida with the Hurricanes and floods.  Also to everyone out West dealing with all the forest fires in there area.

Last week the morning’s were getting crisp and cold, feeling more and more like fall.  This is my favorite time of year to be living in Northern Michigan. I’m blessed to be able to call this place my home and the Pere Marquette River my office.  The Salmon fishing is in full swing with  a good number of fish this year.  A lot more  then we saw in the last couple of years.   You better be prepared with good tackle , these fish are big and mean.   Landing them on a Fly is turning into a full day work out. The Guides are having a heck of time getting them in the net and Anglers are going for some good rides.  The fish are big and hot, even hooking them on gear this year has been rough. There breaking reels, lures and rods.   So be prepared with stout Fly Rods 9′, 9 an 10 weights along with good reels.   I prefer the Echo ION Rods there very strong and stiff with a great price point. For reels you want a larger arbor reel with a great drag. A drag  that isn’t going to slip or is enclosed to keep water and debris from getting in its drag.  With Salmon and Steelhead I believe the reel should be the expensive part of your tackle. I use Hatch reels, there great , I have been fishing with them since they started there business may years ago.  I have never had a problem with these reels.

For Flies try to coax these Kings to take, the Great Lakes King Salmon get a bad vibe because since the beginning everyone said” they don’t bite” and it was legal to snag them.  They do bite though, if you give them a chance and fish them like Steelhead.  We know these Kings will eat Lures and Skein. Try swinging or stripping streamers for these fish with a sink tip fly line. Big baitfish flies resembling the colors of the hot lures the spin fishermen use, can get there attention.  You might not hook a bunch but this style of fishing will make the hair on your neck stand up when you see one of these Great Lake’s giants chasing your fly to the boat.  It’s as exciting as moving a Musky or monster Brown.  Big Egg flies can work well too fished under a Strike Indicator.  Try colors in Red, Salmon Roe and Chartreuse.  Trout fishing is starting to pick up in the upper stretches of the river with a few Kings spawning.. These Brown’s and Rainbow’s really put the feed bag on , as the Kings start to spawn and drop there egg’s.  This becomes a easy buffet for our native Trout in the Pere Marquette, smaller Egg flies in more natural colors.  The lower river is still getting a few pushes of fresher fish. The story now though is we need rain. The river is very low and clear, making fish really spooky on the bright days.

A few pics from last week, thanks to the guides Walt Grau and Clint Anderson.

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