The Pere Marquette is thirsty for a cool glass of rain.  The river is very low and extremely warm, temps reaching the high sixties last week in the lower stretches.   The Salmon are still moving into the river from the Lake in small pushes.  In the upper and mid stretches of the river, a majority of them are now spawning with the warm water.   The low clear water is making them stale and quite spooky.  Try fishing in lower light situations when the sun is bright. Early morning or late evening, will make for less spooky fish and better biters.  With the water being extremely warm please when hooking trout or targeting them, be extremely careful when fighting and handling them.   Try not to keep them out of the water to long, and fight them to long. These native fish are already suffocating in the stream due to the warm bath water and rotting salmon.   Looks like some cooler night time temps end of this week and through the weekend with a small chance of rain.  Then were going to see heat again next week. Sure wish Fall weather would comeback.   The trees are starting to show there vibrant colors now. I would say in the next few weeks we should see a peak in the colors of the north woods.

Would like to thank the guides who helped me this week.  They all did a great job in putting the clients on fish.  Sean McDonald, Jon Kolehouse, Nick Britton, Clint Anderson and Alex Forsberg thank you.

Few pics of Salmon fishing on the Pere Marquette River.