Oct 2019

That’s a Wrap

Fall has finally arrived on the banks of the Pere Marquette River. The Leaves are starting to pop in all there vibrant Orange, Yellow’s and Red’s.  The river came up again with another shot of rain, I don’t recall ever seeing such a wet fall in quite a long time. It has been good for the river and hopefully will make for a better fall and winter Steelhead Season.  

The Pere Marquette River Level is finally starting to come back down after another high water event last week. There are a few New King Salmon around that came in on the rain along with a few Coho and Steelhead.  Flows are still pretty fast so fish are on the move.  Mornings and evenings are getting much cooler and the rivers starting to get that essence of dying Salmon. The

The Pere Marquette River fished well last week for migratory King Salmon and resident Brown Trout. Last week we mixed it up a bit. Taking advantage of the higher dirtier water and some really good Trout Anglers. We spent a couple days stripping streamers for Trout which really payed off. It was some of the best Trout fishing I had seen all year. These fish are just absolutely stunning this

The Pere Marquette River is dropping now and starting to clear.   You find the further you get up stream the clearer the water is.  This last shot of rain did bring in a push of King Salmon in to  the river.   You can now find Salmon scattered through out the whole Pere Marquette River.  Find these fish staging in pools  or around gravel spawning areas. Looks like some

Hope everyone who reads these reports is doing well.  Just wanted to get a quick river report up before the weekend.  The Pere Marquette River is rising with heavy rains we saw on Tues and Wed.  The river came up quick and was still on the rise this afternoon.  Clarity was getting bad too. With rains still forecasted for Friday it could be coming up even more.  Salmon fishing has

The Maple Trees are starting to show a hint of Orange along the banks of the PM river. Salmon are also starting to show up on there annual migration.  Nights are getting shorter and the mornings have been much cooler, which is a blessing keeping the mosquitoes at bay for awhile.  Football started this week meaning only one thing the seasons are changing.  Last week once again was spent Trout

The days are starting to get shorter and the nights and mornings cooler.  Summer unfortunately is slowly trickling into fall on the Pere Marquette River.    Trout fishing hasn’t been easy this week.  Once again with heavy rains and thunderstorms hitting the area on a weekly basis it’s bringing the river up. Which is also filling the fish up  with the food washing down.  Sunday we saw a good little

As most of you know the Pere Marquette River was dangerously high last week. With a storm that came in two weekends ago that dumped down up to 12 inches or more of rain in some areas. It was crazy, with the high water came dangerous floating conditions with large trees giving way and floating debris. The river now is back into shape and as of now the boat Landings

Summer is in full swing on the Pere Marquette River.  The water level is finally coming  down and the fish are out  looking for a meal.   Terrestrial patterns are starting to work well, along with small streamers and bead headed nymphs during the day. Evening still seeing some Stoneflies’, Sulphur’s,  Hex’s and some Iso’s flying around.  Water temp’s are still good, however looks like next couple weeks the air

Many Anglers have been anticipated the Hex hatch,  it kicked off a little later then normal this year.  We finally got the heat during the day and at night to get bugs  started.  You can find good fishing in the lower river, just be careful, water is still high and a little dirty due to recent rains again. The upper river is starting to heat up too with the warmer