Jan 2021

Good Karma

The river is in good shape. It has some color still and is a little warmer for this time of year. I Do see it cooling off this week with the winter like temperatures hitting the area.  Steelhead and Trout fishing is consistent on Nymphs and Egg Flies. Try smaller Clown Eggs and Nukes in brighter colors and for Nymph’s bigger Stoneflies , Steelhead Bugger’s and Hex Nymphs can fish

Happy New Year to everyone hope you had a safe and Happy Holiday.  With the nice weather and good fishing, I have been on the river a lot working and fishing myself. Some days feel more like Winter is closing and Spring has sprung, I’m sure Winter will hit soon though. For now, been taking advantage of this great weather.   The Steelhead action has been on off , which is expected


Dec 2020

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you and your families.  Hope everyone has a safe and healthy Christmas and New Year.  Want to thank all of you who joined me on the river.  Despite all the craziness in our world, the fishing was good and great memories were made.  I thank all of you for your business and hope to see you again in 2021.  Tight Lines and be safe !!!! Jeff


Dec 2020

Happy Holidays

Winter has landed on the Pere Marquette River.  Last week we saw a pretty good cold front, brought about 5 inches of the white stuff and temps started to drop by Tuesday.  The river is in good shape with good color however with the drop in air temps also brought a drastic drop in water temps and level.  We might see a small spike in the level again after this

Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River is getting tough again.  Low, Cold and Clear water making the bite on and off every day.  We’re working for it, which isn’t all bad. It makes it that much sweeter when you feel that pull.  You can find fish scattered throughout the whole river.   Try smaller Nuke Egg’s in Cheese, Apricot and Golden Nugget.  For Nymph’s Hex’s, Buggers and Hare’s Ears work


Dec 2020


I Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving !!!!  It was a crazy week of Snow and Rain and the weekend brought some nice weather and heavy Angling pressure.   Steelhead fishing remains good with another little bump in the water level last week from some rain and melted snow.  You can find fish scattered throughout the whole river system.  Nuke Egg’s and Clown Egg’s fished under an Indicator are working well.

The Pere Marquette finally received some water last weekend. With some nasty weather on Sunday of heavy rain, and snow through Wednesday.  By Monday, the river was high with good color to it.  It’s now dropping and starting to clear.  You can find fish scattered throughout the whole river system right now.  Flies have been bigger Clown Egg’s now, and big, bright Streamers fished heavy to slow, fly speed has


Nov 2020


The Pere Marquette is very low and clear.  Steelhead fishing remains tough in these conditions.  You can find Steelhead really scattered throughout the whole river system, just not a lot of them.  Look for fishing to continue to be tough as this week’s weather is going to feel more like late Spring then fall.   Presentation is a big key in these situations when pursuing these fish with fly rod and

It’s been a wet one up here on the Pere Marquette River.   We have received a good amount of rain the last three days bringing the water levels up and now it’s getting dirty.  Yesterday on my way out in the upper section, river was coming up quick.  Look for it to be high over the weekend.  Steelhead Season kicked into gear the last couple days it was a little

King Salmon fishing remains good on the Pere Marquette River.   This by far has been one of the nicest Summers and Fall’s we have seen in a while up here. The weather has been great for any outdoor enthusiast.  The fall color is at its peak up here , everything is so vibrant along the banks of the river.   River came up a bit with some recent rain we had