Another great week in northern Michigan, chasing Trout and even some warm water species.  The Pere Marquette River is in good shape with plenty of bugs around.  In the evenings you can find an assortment of Stoneflies, ISO’s , Gray Drakes and after dark the Hex’s are starting to pop.  Daytime fishing has been good with small Bugger’s, Bead headed Nymphs and Attractor Dry flies.   Watch those water temps this

Spring has shaped up to be some good Trout fishing on the Pere Marquette River. We were blessed this year to see a good number of Gray Drakes in the air. With the colder weather the last couple weeks the spinner falls have been decent.   The cooler weather brought the bugs down early and on the water which turned into a feeding frenzy for the Trout.  Look for good fishing


May 2022

Bugs are here!

“Bugs are Here!” Been a smorgasbord of Flies on the Pere Marquette River this last week. Seeing Yellow Sally’s in the evenings and midafternoon along with Sulphur’s and Grey Drakes, Stoneflies, and few light Hendrickson’s still.   Drakes have been acting like typical Drakes though and haven’t dropped much.  Couple evenings this week , especially Tuesday they fell in decent numbers.  River did come a bit and got a little stain

Trout season is in full swing now, the streamer bite has been exceptionally good last couple weeks.  Anything baitfish or salmon fry related worked well.  Looks like we went from winter to summer.  River is up still with a decent stain to it; water is very warm though. Bugs are starting to hatch, and few fish are rising.  Seeing a few Hendrickson’s now and Olives on the cloudy days along

My Steelhead season is coming to an end on the Pere Marquette River.  There are still a few fish around but with warmer water temperatures their spawning and heading out to the lake much faster now.  It was a great winter and spring Season it seemed like a great run of fish this year and the cooler weather and higher flows really helped the fishing too.  Want to thank everyone

What a week in weather and water level. Heavy rains, snow and high water brought in a few new Steelhead.   Water level is still up in most areas of the river the higher stretches it has dropped some and has a nice tea stain to it. Look for Steelhead fishing to continue if the temps are cooler, and the water is higher.   For flies try bigger Egg fly imitations Clown

Just when I thought spring had sprung on the banks of the Pere Marquette River, winter has reared it’s ugly head again. Last weekend we saw highs in the teens and twenties and the snow fell once again.  Steelhead fishing was good while water temps remained warm. This week looks like some real weird weather patterns once again. River is up with a good stain to it – the lower

Hopefully we put winter in the rear-view mirror last week.  The Pere Marquette River finally lost the snow along the banks to some much-needed warmer temps last week which to bumped up the water levels.  This much needed water should push in some New Steelhead for the river level is higher and dirtier now and we do have rain in the forecast all week.  Last week went from crazy winter

Spring Steelhead season kicked off the end of last month and it still felt like winter fishing.  The bite window has been on off with the colder and then warmer temps. The Pere Marquette has been low, cold and clear, we did finally see a small bump in the water level beginning of the week.  It now is dropping again and getting clear with the colder nights and days again. 


Feb 2022

On and Off

Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River is going hand in hand with these weird weather patterns we’re having this winter.  Super cold days the fishing becomes difficult with slush and shelf ice building. Warmer days we see a bump in the water temperatures and the fish become a little happier.  Still the bite has been on, and off which is usually the case in the winter months. The river