The King Salmon run is in full swing on the Pere Marquette River.   You can find fish scattered throughout the whole river system.  Most of the fish are still in the deeper runs and pools with a few fish starting to spawn. The river is now low and clear with the summer like weather were still having up here. Looks like a little rain and some cooler weather this week. 

The calm before and after the storm produced some good fishing.  If you were not aware, last Tuesday afternoon we saw a horrific storm blow through the Baldwin area.  This storm was unreal – packing  60+ mph winds and baseball size hail.  Trees went down, and many vehicles and homes ruined from the giant hail smacking them as if a major league baseball player was throwing fast balls.  Power was

Hope everyone is doing well! It’s hard to believe summer is winding down!  Kids around here are starting school, football is starting, and King Salmon will be heading up the rivers soon.  We could see some Salmon coming in over the weekend from the heavy rains and storms we had Friday and Saturday night.  The river is on the rise and getting dirty, especially in the lower stretches.  At this

This week is looking like a soaker with a significant amount of rain in the forecast through Thursday morning the Pere Marquette River is going to come up quick. The amount of rain we are seeing so far it could even become blown out by the end of the week.    Trout fishing last week was pretty good,   the Terrestrial fishing is improving on top and the Nymphing and small

Sorry for the lapse in reports, took a little time off from the river last week and enjoyed some epic views and great friends on the beaches of Baja.   We were Rooster fishing once again trying to that Grande from the beach on the fly rod.  This as one who has done it will know it’s no easy task and I feel especially blessed to put my hands around one

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday weekend. Last week was a great week of Trout fishing on the Pere Marquette River. We finally got the rain we needed, and the river and their fish were happy.  The water had a nice tea stain to it and with ideal water temps made it easy for the fish to find a food source.  Streamers worked well in the beginning of the week and


Jun 2021

Much Needed Rain

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the week.  The Pere Marquette River and a lot of Western Michigan is finally receiving the rain we have been in dire need of.   Looks like by Monday the river could become high and dirty.   This Trout season has been a roller coaster of weather patterns. From heat waves to droughts, cold fronts, and everything else in between has made it for an


Jun 2021

A little heat

My condolences go out to Joe Donati’s family and friends.  Joe left the folks he loved and the rivers he fished this week due to a battle with cancer.  I never got to personally fish with Joe, but we chatted a lot he loved to fish the PM and always was picking my brain on Steelhead and Trout. I loved to help in any way I could answering his fishing

Hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday! Let us not forget those who have fought for our Country and paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could live free and do such wonderful things like Fly Fishing. Also thanks to all the Veteran’s who have served, and those men and women who are currently serving every day to protect us and our freedoms!  Thank You!!!! Trout Fishing on the Pere Marquette was not

We went from Winter to Summer up here on the banks of the Pere Marquette River. In the last 3 weeks, we saw below freezing temps at night and snow during the day, to basking in a heat wave of humidity that feels more like the dog days of summer instead of May. Trout fishing – like the weather  – has been a roller coaster too.  The river is extremely