Winter  along the Pere Marquette River has been great.  The river right now is slightly up with a nice little stain to it and the water temps the last few weeks have been quite warm for this time of year in the high thirties and low forties.   We did lose a little more snow over the weekend which brought the river up a little.   What happened to Winter? 

The Pere Marquette River dropped in level over the last week and half.  The flows however are still fast , making it difficult to wade some areas. So be careful out there. Steelhead fishing remains good somedays and harder on others. Typical for this time of year, it’s winter fishing.  The great thing this year, no shelf ice and lately we don’t even have to chip ice out of the

Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year !!!They weren’t kidding when they predicted this Weather Roller Coaster this Winter.   The Pere Marquette River is once again high from recent rains we saw Thursday and Friday night and into Saturday which then turned into freezing rain and snow.  Seams as if once a week now the river comes up into or over the banks. We have been riding the Rollercoaster. 


Jan 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year !!!! Hope everyone  had a safe and Happy Holidays with their friends and families.  Hard to believe we are in a New Decade.   I would say that 2019 was the year of personal bests not only for myself but my fishing family.  Just like the weather prediction for Winter, 2019 was a bit of a roller coaster on the fishing side of things. It was a


Dec 2019

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone !!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year !!! My Pere Marquette Steelhead Season is starting to wind down now for the year.   Fishing has been hit or miss on the swing.  Water levels dropped and cleared, with the warmer weather this week and over the weekend we might see some run off from snow melt bringing the water up and


Dec 2019

Messy Week

The Pere Marquette River is a real mess with recent rain last week freezing over night and a wet heavy dumping of snow, trees were crashing down everywhere.  Every stretch turned into a rowing obstacle course.  Fishing for Steelhead was pretty decent at the beginning of the week but the bite did get tougher towards the end. A drop in water levels and temperatures and added fishing pressure the fish

Happy Thanksgiving, hope everyone has a safe holiday with there family and friends. I know I have so much to be thankful and am so blessed to do what I love to do for a living.  Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River has still been hit and miss.  Not finding a lot of fish , covering a lot of water and fishing hard has been the secret to success. 

They are now calling it the year of the “Polar Vortex Rollercoaster.” I will just call the weather last week “Winter” and the week Winter Steelhead Fishing. Felt more like early February instead of early November. The heaters were going ,Chili was hot and hand warmers were piled in the pockets,gloves and boots.  Week was a rollercoaster of good Steelhead fishing and frustration.   The swing bite was pretty good

Winter has landed on the Pere Marquette Water River.  Last week was a mess of snow, sleet and rain or as I like to call it “Steelhead weather. ”  The river came down a bit but flows are still fast in some areas and the middle to lower sections are higher and a bit dirtier. Steelhead are scattered through out the whole river system.  Still not great numbers of fish

Once again the Pere Marquette River had high water last week from rain and snow.  It started to drop by the weekend but is now on the rise again from rain on Sunday.   This high water should of been the perfect recipe to bring in a good amount of chrome Steelhead.  Unfortunately, its hard to tell how many are really here with the constant high water.   Covering a