Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this great weather.   Unfortunately, the Pere Marquette River could use some rain and some more King Salmon in it.   The run so far is very small, not a lot of fish around. The Kings that are present are big again this year so be prepared for some good battles !!!!   The Salmon are really scattered through the river system,  a good rain and hopefully

The seasons are slowly starting to change on the Pere Marquette River.  With the cooler evenings and mornings and shorter days you can feel Fall starting to creep up.  The river is in good shape with some much-needed rains over the last couple of weeks the river came up a little and cooled off quite a bit.  Trout fishing has started to slow down a little with the cooler weather. 

The Pere Marquette River fished well last week and is in pretty good shape. The river is still low in the upper stretches but surprisingly has cooled off quite a bit in the last week.  Trico’s are going strong in the morning along with Olive’s on the rainy days and few Ants are showing too.  Hopper’s and assorted Terrestrial patterns are fishing well on the warmer days.  Smaller buggers, streamers

Where has the summer gone?  Due to this COVID deal we lost our Spring and summer is moving way to fast. I saw my first King Salmon moving up stream last week.  The Pere Marquette like the weather was kind of up and down.   The Trout bite was a little tougher with fronts coming in and the river being very low and clear.   Fish still seem to be looking up,


Jul 2020

Nice Cool Down

The Pere Marquette River finally cooled off enough to wet a line. With that horrible heat wave a couple weeks ago it was good to see some cooler less humid temps this last week. River is low and clear, finding Trout looking up near structure and in the shade.  Water conditions are due to change fast though as were in for some pretty good storms on Sunday.   A buffet of

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed there Holiday weekend. The Pere Marquette River is warming up  quickly. Please check water temperature’s before attempting to fish. The lower you go in the system the warmer it can be.  The upper stretches are now reaching the mid sixties even in the mornings.  Remember 70 degree water is not good for Trout, best to switch to warm water fishing like Bass. Last

Last week was finally a week of no hard rains to bring the river up and dirty we saw a little rain this week. The river is in great shape though.  Making it much better Dry Fly conditions then in the last few weeks.   Fishing for Trout on the Pere Marquette last week was a blast.  Trout seemed to be more eager to eat again and were looking up 

The Pere Marquette is still fishing pretty tough for Trout, we saw another big rain system last week.  The river once again came up and became really dirty.    The water has now dropped and started to clear, flows are fast so be careful if wading.   The fish are really full from all the easy meals floating down during the high water.  We’re seeing plenty of bugs, Drakes, Sulphers,

The Pere Marquette is in much better shape then the last two weeks.   The river would get into great shape and then we would see heavy amounts of rain which would completely blow it out with high , dirty water.   This recipe makes for some tough Trout fishing this time of year. The fish become full with the higher water and faster flows, food becomes easy for them

Hope everyone was able to enjoy there Memorial Weekend. The weather was great for getting outside. Want to thank everyone in our armed forces for all that you do in serving and protecting our country and the men and women who have died for protecting our great country. The Pere Marquette River came up quite a bit last week with heavy rains we had.  It’s now starting to drop and