As most of you know the Pere Marquette River was dangerously high last week. With a storm that came in two weekends ago that dumped down up to 12 inches or more of rain in some areas. It was crazy, with the high water came dangerous floating conditions with large trees giving way and floating debris. The river now is back into shape and as of now the boat Landings

Summer is in full swing on the Pere Marquette River.  The water level is finally coming  down and the fish are out  looking for a meal.   Terrestrial patterns are starting to work well, along with small streamers and bead headed nymphs during the day. Evening still seeing some Stoneflies’, Sulphur’s,  Hex’s and some Iso’s flying around.  Water temp’s are still good, however looks like next couple weeks the air

Many Anglers have been anticipated the Hex hatch,  it kicked off a little later then normal this year.  We finally got the heat during the day and at night to get bugs  started.  You can find good fishing in the lower river, just be careful, water is still high and a little dirty due to recent rains again. The upper river is starting to heat up too with the warmer

Happy Summer !!!! It’s official summer has begun.  Now maybe will see less rain and more sunny warm days ahead. Looks like the end of the week things are going to start to heat up along the Pere Marquette River.  Which is a good sign, we still haven’t seen a lot of Hex’s popping yet with the cooler days and nights.  Some warm weather should kick them off.  Right now

It’s a Raincoat and Mosquito Repellent Spring on the Pere Marquette River.  Not much to report on other then it’s raining again.  Been one of the wettest Springs I have seen in awhile. River is on the rise once again, with heavy rains all day Sunday and into today. It’s coming into its banks and is really dirty.  The Gray Drakes are still around, however starting to fizzle out in

Hope everyone enjoyed there Holiday Weekend.  The Pere Marquette River still remains high and off color, with the heavy rains we received last week.  This has definitely been the spring of casting streamers. Last few Springs have been so hot and dry the streamer fishing never lasted to long, so it’s good to be able to take some for a swim.  Fishing right now is hit or miss the brighter

Spring has landed on the banks of the Pere Marquette River.  Morel’s are out, bird’s are singing and the trees are budding,  I’m back on the two wheel program. The trails ate in good shape and so am I.  Life couldn’t be better.   Trout fishing on the Pere Marquette River has been good.   With low pressure system’s, cool nights and rain.  Dry Fly fishing has still been slow

We finally lost the last little pile of snow at the house last week.  Sunday we had a Oriole land on the feeder and Hummingbird zipped by my head while Mountain Biking the other day. What a relief it finally feels and looks like Spring up here.  We’re seeing some Spring rains too what we desperately needed.  The river came up and is in really good shape.   The Steelhead

Hope everyone had a great Trout opener last weekend. This week will be the end of the Spring Steelhead Season for myself and my clients. It was a good Spring as far as fishing went, weather not so much. From snow, wind and rain. It was spring then back to winter, then summer and then winter. I’m sick of riding Mother Natures rollercoaster. I’m ready for Dry flies, Mosquito Repellent

Hope everyone enjoyed there Easter Weekend .  Hard to believe a week ago we had 9 inches or more of snow on the ground.  Today I was on the river a week later in a T-Shirt it was pushing 80 degrees.  Only in Michigan!!!  Guess this year we’re going from Winter to Summer on the Pere Marquette River.  Steelhead fishing is slowly coming to a end. With warmer weather there