Jun 2021

A little heat

My condolences go out to Joe Donati’s family and friends.  Joe left the folks he loved and the rivers he fished this week due to a battle with cancer.  I never got to personally fish with Joe, but we chatted a lot he loved to fish the PM and always was picking my brain on Steelhead and Trout. I loved to help in any way I could answering his fishing

Hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday! Let us not forget those who have fought for our Country and paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could live free and do such wonderful things like Fly Fishing. Also thanks to all the Veteran’s who have served, and those men and women who are currently serving every day to protect us and our freedoms!  Thank You!!!! Trout Fishing on the Pere Marquette was not

We went from Winter to Summer up here on the banks of the Pere Marquette River. In the last 3 weeks, we saw below freezing temps at night and snow during the day, to basking in a heat wave of humidity that feels more like the dog days of summer instead of May. Trout fishing – like the weather  – has been a roller coaster too.  The river is extremely

Be careful what you wish for !!!! The Pere Marquette River came up quite a bit since Tuesday.  Heavy rains hit the area Monday night and on off throughout the week. Right now, it’s high and will probably still be rising if we see more rain on Friday as predicted. Fishing has been mostly Trout. Chucking Streamers at the banks and playing a little game of cat and mouse. We’re


May 2021

Much Needed Rain

Hope everyone is doing well. Trout fishing the last few weeks hasn’t been too easy on the Pere Marquette River.  Fishing has been pretty much good or bad depending on the weather.  One day it’s snowing and the next it’s sunny and warm. We could really use some rain. The river level has been at an all time low until recently. The river did come up a little with the

We finally received some much-needed rain on the banks of the Pere Marquette River a week ago.  River level did come up quite a bit and the lower you went into the river system the dirtier it was. With the colder weather this week the river is dropping fast and getting clear.  The lower river sections still have a nice stain to them, while the upper stretches are starting to

Steelhead Season on the Pere Marquette is winding down. Warmer temperatures earlier in Spring, allowed Steelhead to go through their spawning cycle and start their trip back out to the Lake a little earlier than normal.  The river is very low for this time of year and clear. A good rain would probably bring another push of fish up the river.  Still finding a few fish, but we’re covering a


Mar 2021

Much Needed Rain

The Peeper Frog’s are peeping. Birds are singing. The Grouse are drumming on the banks of the Pere Marquette River!  Spring finally seems to be settling in up here. The Pere Marquette River fished well for Steelhead, last week. You can find fish scattered throughout the whole river system. With warmer weather these fish are going through their cycle and dropping fast. Some rain today will hopefully bump up the


Mar 2021


The Pere Marquette River fished well last week for Steelhead.  The river level dropped quite a bit and the water still has a decent stain to it. Look for the P.M. to start to clear this week and drop even without any rain in the forecast.  Steelhead remain scattered throughout the whole river system.  We’re seeing a few fresh Spring fish however not as much as expected for the higher

The Pere Marquette River bumped up significantly last week.  By Friday it was into the banks and very dirty.  Over the weekend it has started to drop, current is fast still but clarity is a little better.  For flies last week, ” Bigger and Brighter” was key. Clown Eggs in Nectar of the God’s and Hubba Bubba worked good and bigger Egg Sucking Leeches, Fry Patterns worked well too. A