Will Winter ever loosen its grip? Winter showed its ugly face once again this week and over the weekend. With colder temperatures and rain and snow once again the water temps dropped and the river did come up a bit once again the end of the week.  Steelhead fishing remains good, you can find fish through out the whole river system.  Bigger Egg Flies worked well with the higher water. 

Finally starting to look and feel a little more like Spring now. Snow has all but melted, and the banks along the river are starting to show small signs of green grass.  Grouse are drumming in the mornings along with the Turkey’s gobbling.  Little Black Stoneflies are starting to hatch now in the warmer afternoons and yesterday we witnessed three Trout rising on them.   The Steelhead fishing remains consistent

The Pere  Marquette River fished well for Steelhead last week.  It’s been a slow melt which is good , it’s keeping the water up just enough to keep the Steelhead happy on taking a fly. The water was still high which makes the flow fast, river had good color though.  You can find a mixture of old and new fish scattered through out the whole river now.  Flies last week

Pere Marquette fished well for Steelhead last week, despite the high water.  The river is still high with faster then normal flow’s. The clarity in the upper stretches is good, lower you go the dirtier it gets though. For flies last week it was giant Clown Egg’s and Leeches worked really well.  Anything in the big and bright fly department was key. If interested in some Trout fishing this Spring/Early

Steelhead fishing the last couple of weeks on the Pere Marquette was pretty good, despite the colder weather and drop in the water levels.  Still not a lot of New Spring fish around,mostly Fall-Winter fish in the system. The river now is rising due to rains and melting snow the end of this week. This bump of water should bring some fresh fish into the River.  Flies last week with

Grit is the ability to keep working toward a goal, overcoming challenges and sticking with it even when it’s hard. A true definition of grit would say that grit is a personality trait that helps you keep working toward long-term goals despite setbacks or failures. This was the definition of Steelheading last week on the Pere Marquette. The Weather and the Angler’s were as tough as nails. It wasn’t easy


Feb 2019


Winter hopefully is starting to loosen its grip.  Last week we had a little warming trend it was above freezing for a couple of days.   It started to feel a little like Spring was in the air, I even heard the “cheeseburger” bird.   With nicer weather I hit the river a couple of times with hopes of finding some Steelhead before the weekend.  Which was a little busier,


Jan 2019

Life Below Zero

We’re having a old fashion Michigan Winter this year.  The woodstove has been cranking this week. With below zero temperatures day and night, not much for playing outside.   Short little bursts out the door for the dog’s as they try to make there way around the property.  With two feet of fresh fallen snow by the time they get to the door, they both look like giant brownies with

The Pere Marquette River fished a little better over the last week and a half. We saw a rise in water the beginning of last week,  this moved some fish around and gave the river a decent stain.  The Swing and Egg bite was much better with fish coming out into there normal lies.  Now the river once again is dropping and getting cold in temperature.  Look for fishing to

Happy New Year !!! Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season with there families and friends.  I know I enjoyed getting out on the water with good friends and family.  Hard to believe another year has passed and I’m going into my 22 year as a Full Time Fishing Guide on the Pere Marquette River.  I still have the best office in the world, I’m a lucky man. 😊 I