I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy. Crazy times in our world right now, this whole virus epidemic, State on lockdown and some weird looking dude with a Tiger all over the internet which I have not seen nor want to see.  Trying to stay away from all the media junk right now it’s getting a little out of hand if you ask me.
The Pere Marquette River is still here,  it came up quite a bit a couple weeks ago and now is on the drop.  We saw some rain on Saturday so might spike up a bit in the next few days.  Steelhead fishing remains good, you can find fish through out the whole river. A majority of them around spawning areas, in pockets and runs.
I would like to thank everyone who joined me before COVID -19 entered all of our lives. It was shaping up to be an awesome Spring. Fishing was decent and weather has  been great.  I didn’t have to cancel any trips due to extremely high water or polar vortex temperatures.  Sorry to the rest of you that were not able to get out and enjoy the fishing due to the shutdown.  A big thanks to all of you for your support and generosity in these tough times. It really means a lot to me, not just clients but my extended family and I thank you!!!
When this is all over, please make sure to take it upon yourself to come up to Baldwin. Visit the fly shops, stay in the hotels and enjoy the great restaurants in the area. This town was hurting before the COVID -19 crisis with the lack of snow and ice all winter we didn’t see the winter outdoor enthusiasts.  The cancellation now of Blessing of Bikes this Spring is going to be really hard on the businesses here. Please come up and enjoy this wonderful area for fishing, camping, hiking, ORV’s, and biking. I know during these times of isolation and anytime really, there’s no where else I would rather be. Just this week I saw folks posting scenery pics of all these beautiful places they have visited. I thought about all the awesome places I had been in my life but none of them truly tops my own backyard. I guess it’s why Heather and I take so many staycations. 😀 It’s a special place with so many great things to do. Will keep everyone posted when we can get back on the water and enjoy ourselves with some much needed hydro therapy. Stay safe and healthy. God bless 🙏.
Pics : We didn’t find a lot of Chrome fish this Spring, but this one had quite the shine.  This time of year a lot of Salmon Parr/Fry are popping these are some great patterns for the Swing or even under a float. Trout and Steelhead can’t resist them.  You can find recipes here https://outfittersnorth.com/the-fly-box/ . You can check out https://www.swingthefly.com/buyanissue for a great article I wrote on fishing these flies and tactics in the Spring. Its 2019 Volume 2.  This is great magazine for anyone who enjoys fly fishing and especially chasing fish on the swung fly.  So there something for you to do read a magazine and tie some flies during this shut-down. Enjoy and be safe !!!!