The weather let loose last week with temps in the 40’s and 50’s last week Wednesday and Thursday. By Thursday the river was fishable in the upper stretches most of the ice had blown out.  However was hard to get in and out of pools with the shelf ice on the banks.  With the rain and snowmelt on Thursday, the river was on the rise and getting dirty.   I however didn’t care it was to long before the last Steelhead on the swing just days before Christmas, I needed a fix.  Cabin fever was setting in hard with temps so cold everyday. Ice fishing and  XC  Skiing wasn’t that fun when the highs were only in the single digits.   Thursday Walt Grau and I hit the river for a few hours in the afternoon. ,I found some Chrome on my Echo TR 12 half foot 6 weight such a fun stick to cast.  It was a great fish, no slow winter pull , pull , pull,  it just slammed it.  Fought hard too, it was so nice to be on the water.  River now has slush coming down it again with cold temps at night again in the single digits , even this morning it’s 4 degrees.  Looks like a warming trend in the future for next week.  Will keep you informed on river conditions.
I’d Like to thank everyone who came out to my seminar on Saturday at the Fly Fishing Show in Grand Rapids.  On Jan 22, I will be tying for Northern Angler in Traverse City. On Jan 27, I will be in East Lansing at Nomad Anglers doing a tying class similar to the ones I have done up here. This will be Steelhead Flies 101, it’s that time of year to start to fill the boxes.  Contact Nomad Anglers for more info.