The Pere Marquette River dropped in level over the last week and half.  The flows however are still fast , making it difficult to wade some areas. So be careful out there. Steelhead fishing remains good somedays and harder on others. Typical for this time of year, it’s winter fishing.  The great thing this year, no shelf ice and lately we don’t even have to chip ice out of the rod guides.  The swing bite has been decent lately just covering a lot of water and putting in the long days has been key for a fish or two.  Nymph fishing is starting to heat up as well for Steelhead and resident Trout.  Hex’s and smaller Stoneflies have worked well along with smaller Steelhead Bugger’s.  For Egg flies (remember Beads and Otter Egg’s are Illegal in the Flies Only Stretch of the Pere Marquette River)  Nuke Eggs in Chartreuse along with Grapefruit have worked well.  Looks like another “Roller Coaster” of Weather again this weekend with Snow and Rain.  Could bring the river levels up once again by Monday. Will keep you posted, hope everyone enjoys there weekend.
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Pics : Last week I took the old Hardy Reel for a walk and got it to “Bark” with this great Steelhead taken on the swing.  Rich and I covered some   water  and he was rewarded for his  efforts he topped off the day with this great buck on the swing.  Scott starts the day off right cracking this great buck on a cool New fly he created.