That was a nice little tease of Spring.  We are seeing some crazy weather patterns on the Pere Marquette River. Hard to believe not to long ago the river was frozen solid with temps in the singe digits and this last week temps in the 50’s.  The river is in good shape the ice is now gone and the water level is good.  We did lose quite a bit of snow again over the weekend.  Steelhead fishing has been decent through out the whole river.  Egg Flies and Nymphs fished under a float have been really productive and the swing bite on Streamers has been hit and miss.   Try Hex Nymphs and Stoneflies along with smaller Clown and Nuke Eggs.  Leech style patterns have been working well.  Thanks to everyone who came out to my fly tying sessions at  the Northern Angler’s, Flies at the Franklin and Nomad Anglers in East Lansing. Hope everyone learned a lot.  Thanks to both Brian’s and there staff for the help and support.  Looks like were in store for another cold weather pattern, hard to believe February is just around the corner.  Will just have to wait and see if  Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow or not.
Pics Scott gets his first fish of the New Year on the swing.  Joe joined me for his first Pere Marquette Steelhead experience and did great. We had a good bite on Eggs and Nymphs.  A little hen I took on the swing with a Firecracker Leech.