That’s a wrap, Salmon Season 2018 is in the books.  Thanks to everyone who joined me this fall. It was great to see and fish with everyone.   There are still plenty of King’s in the river though. The river level did come up towards the end of the week.  With the higher water and leaves, the water has good color to it.  You can find Salmon through out the whole river.  Now though it’s time to switch it up, little hunting this week and getting prepared for the new fishing season ahead.  Focus is now on finding Chrome, fresh Steelhead that make there yearly fall migration into the river.  Fall is a great time of year to hunt not only in the woods  in search of Grouse and Woodcock. It’s also the time to start searching and hunting with big flies on the swing for these hard hitting , jumping  in the air Rainbow Trout.   Something I look forward to all year.
Pics from last week:  River is a special place this time of year, especially when you find a Chrome Bullet on the swung fly.   Ian breaks a rod and lands the fish a great story and memory of his first Salmon experience. Mark with a nice King.  Scott can’t get enough back again last week for some more Salmon fishing, we had a record breaking day.  Seigo, Yuma and Richard had a great day on the water.  Our GSP ( June) doing what she loves finding Grouse and Woodcock  and once in awhile I actually hit one.😁