Cold November Rains quickly changed into a Winter Wonderland on the banks of the Pere Marquette River. Fall appears to have left Northern Michigan for 2018. Winter Steelheading is in full effect, with the white stuff on the ground and water temps dropping like a rock. You can find Steelhead scattered through out the whole river system. The bite however is slowing down with the colder and clearer water now. For flies try smaller Nuke and Clown Eggs in more natural colors. Smaller Nymphs such as Hex’s, Hare’s Ear and Stoneflies will start to work well with dropping water temps. For Streamers smaller Leech and Sculpin patterns. Good Luck to everyone hitting the Woods Thursday for the Firearm Deer Season. Be safe and shoot straight !!!!

Pics last week from Fall into Winter. Mike gets this nice Chromer that jumped 8 times on the Swing. Steve and Jim had a great day on the rive. Steve Cracked this nice Steelhead on the swung fly and Jim wrestled this beast to the net on a Clown Egg and Indy rig. Mike and Howard had a good day on the water taking a couple nice Steelhead on Egg’s and Nymph’s as Winter showed itself. Winter was in full effect when Matt and Nelson joined me over the weekend. Nelson with a couple of great Steelhead he brought to hand. Matt (top pic) gets his first ever Steelhead on the swing that absouletly smashed it. Was awesome and we didn’t even think about how hard it was snowing. 😁