Steelhead fishing last week was a little tougher. The first sign of Winter lingered for a few days. Temps in the teens and twenty’s at night and highs not even hitting thirty a couple days. Cold air temps lead into dropping water temps and more lethargic fish. We had to work a little more for the hook ups.  The river is also getting clear and the Steelhead are starting to hide in those notorious  PM log jams a little more. Especially with more boat traffic and Angling pressure.  For Flies try more natural color eggs in smaller sizes.  Don’t hesitate to try some Nymphs too with the clear water.  Stoneflies, Hare’s Ears and Bugger’s can work well.   For the swing smaller Leeches and baitfish patterns in Olives or Black will work. Key will be to slow the fly down with the colder water temps.   Firearm Deer Season kicks off this week, good luck to everyone.  Be safe and shoot straight.

Pics from last week.  Mike cracks this chromer on the swing, we had a great day with a good swing bite.   Greg’s all smiles (while Bob is ordering Jimmy Johns) with this chrome Steelhead that was in the air more then in the water.  Mike with a nice Steelhead on a very cold day.   Steve with a nice PM hen on the first day of Winter.   Arie was braving the elements and hooking Steelhead, here he is with a nice fish.