Wow !!!! What a week it was for chasing Steelhead on the Pere Marquette River, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  That smile was lost for a good two months due to my accident. With the first stroke of the oars and the rip and leap of a chrome Steelhead on the swing, everything else was forgotten.   The fishing has been good on the Pere Marquette River for Steelhead. The mass amount of rain we received a couple weeks ago, was all we needed to push the Steelhead into the river.  You can find fish in many of our great western Michigan river’s now, everyone one of them had high water and now have fish.   For Flies on the Swing it was big Leaches and Intruder Style flies with weight and flash, to coax some lighting strikes.  On the fat lines and indy rigs, Flies were big Clown Eggs in bright colors.   This week looks like it will be time to breakout the down jacket and extra fleece, going to be a cold one. Hopefully, we will continue to get rain to keep the river at a good level and stain. No matter how good or bad the bite might be ,I’m just so glad to be on the water everyday.  Thanks again to everyone for the get well wishes and all the help from Heather, friends and family.  If your interested in some Steelheading this Winter let me know at

Pics from last week.   Jim joined me last weekend just as the river was starting to drop. We had a great day Swinging Flies.  Scott experienced fishing for fall Steelhead and doing it with the fat line for the first time, he did great taking some great fish on big Clown Eggs.   Nick ( top pic) fished with me on Halloween and tricked this Monster Steelhead with a treat of rabbit and flashabou.  This was Nick’s first swung Steelhead which was the most epic fight and biggest fish so far, estimated it to be 15 or more pounds.  For more of the story check out Michigan Out of Doors Magazine in December, Nick is editor and chief.  Bob joined me for the annual Fall Steelhead trip, we had a pretty good Egg bite.  Josh of Gates AuSable Lodge gave up a day of chasing Brook Trout in the “Holy Waters” for Chrome Steelhead on the PM. Here he is with a nice Chrome Hen.  John struck Silver first thing in the morning, with this bright PM Steel.