Washing the truck and boat last week worked, we saw some rain and the Steelhead fishing improved for about a day or two. With the heavy rains last night, the river is rising. With more rain in the forecast, the river should come up quite a bit. You can find Steelhead through out the whole river system.   Fishing should only improve with a little more water in the river.  For Flies smaller Nuke Eggs in more natural colors are working well with the fat line and Indicator rigs. For the Swing smaller less flash or no flash Baitfish or Gobie type patterns fished with light tips on bright days. Leeches in low light situations and cloudy days.
Pics from last week. Carl came back as a guide from Katmai Lodge, to crack this big PM Steelhead on the swing.   Steve and Karen had a awesome day. Here they are with a couple of nice Pere Marquette Steelhead. Bob finds one of the coolest Chrome fish I have seen this season so far.   He also found a bonus fish with this nice Coho.  Rick fished hard and found this fresh Steelhead on a sunny day.  John starts the morning off with this big Buck taken on a small Estaz egg.