Winter has landed on the Pere Marquette River and all over the State in the last week and half.   River is very low and cold now, with water temps dropping everyday. The lows are dropping and ice is starting to form along the banks.  Steelhead fishing has been a lot of work for a hookup. Covering a lot of water and fishing a lot of pools has been the key for finding fish. There is not a lot of Steelhead around, some days there on the bite and most days there not.   The swing bite has been tough with the low water.   Smaller Flies in more natural colors are working along with Purple’s and Blue’s in low light situations early morning or evening.   For Eggs more natural in color and smaller Nuke Eggs are working well.  Don’t be afraid to fish  Nymphs now to , these will work as the river gets colder. Try Hex’s, Green Rockworms and smaller Stoneflies this time of year.

Pics from last couple weeks.  Tom joined me for his annual Swinging Steelhead outing , we had a good bite the last two days. Here he is with a couple of the bigger fish he took on the swing. Team Jacobson Nelson and Matt, Father and son team.  From Rooster fish to Steelhead, Matt with his first PM Steelhead on the fat line and switch rod. Jim finds Summer in the Winter with this long Summer Run Steelhead.  Rich finds some Chrome before the snow fell.  Kevin with a sweet little Skipper taken on a clown egg.  A small PM buck that fell for  the purple Firecracker in the low light situation of winter. Pure Chrome ,  Skipper that jumped eight times before hitting the net. Heather and I joined Clint at the Red Moose Lodge for a day in his Jet Sled. We bounced back plugs for Steelhead.  If your interested in this type of fishing get a hold of Clint.  He is a true maestro when it comes to dropping back plugs.