Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you and your families have a safe and Happy Holiday. Steelhead fishing  has been a casting roller coaster ride of frustration and gratitude.  The Pere Marquette is low, cold and fairly clear.  There just aren’t a lot of Steelhead in the system.  Looks like Winter is coming in again next week, with Arctic temps in the single digits and teens.  For flies on the Swing try more natural colors and less flash.  As the water gets colder fish slower for best results.  For Egg’s and Nymphs try Hex’s and Hares Ear Nymphs along with much smaller Egg flies in natural color tones.  And remember BEADS are not flies, keep them out of the ” Flies Only” stretch.

Pics-  Covering a lot of water pays off, Matt found this giant double striped Buck on the Swing.  Happy Holidays !!!!! Christmas came early,  I got to wrap my hands around this great PM hen taken on the swing.  Ryan took this nice bright Hen, on a Sculpin Pattern he tied.