Hard to believe February is already upon us.  It’s busy around here, trying to get everything done before the end of the month.  No more procrastinating, time to fill up the Fly Boxes instead of Skiing and Fishing.   Time to get the Tax’s and Food preparation done before “March Madness” begins.  Which isn’t that far out, only a few more weeks. Hopefully Mother Nature allows the river to be free of ice and the weather to be at least in the high 20’s and 30’s.  It’s all I can ask for this time of year. I have been fishing quite a bit this last week, need to get it out of my system. After being cooped up and on the couch this fall with my injuries, I just want to fish as much as I can right now.  So that’s what I’m doing rather it’s 15 degrees and sunny or 30 degrees and snowy I have been out there.  It’s been decent for swinging flies the last couple weeks.  Water warmed up, from the small little heat wave we saw last week.   I really enjoy fishing this time of year, there’s is nothing like spending a afternoon on the water with it all to yourself.  Now a days to me it’s not the number of fish hooked, but the solitude on the water is much more important.  And trying to learn something new every year while Swinging for Steelhead is my big goal.  I really like experimenting with new flies or lines this time of year.  Flies that worked last week were brighter flies in Blue’s and Purple’s in the evening hours as the light turned low. Black Leech with little flash and Leech patterns with a little flash worked well on the brighter days.  Anglers fishing Egg’s and Nymphs right now have done well. Smaller Nukes in more Natural Tones have worked along with Hex Nymphs.

Pics A beautiful day on PM, river all to myself. A nice buck that fell for some bling as the light got low.   A fresher hen fell for a “Firecracker Leech”.  My New favorite rod Echo’s NEW Swing Rod 11’8″ 8 weight the perfect stick for the PM and other Michigan Rivers and the Price Point is great.  My Office way from the water, filling up the boxes.