The Pere Marquette River is now on the drop.  With rains last week and melting snow the river was into and over it’s banks.  The surprising thing was with such high water, it wasn’t  really dirty. It held a nice tea stain throughout the week, making for some great Steelhead fishing.  Now that it’s on the drop were finding a few bright fish here and there in the dark water but not as many as I expected to see.  I’m sure there’s still more to come after all it’s only early March. For flies last week big Clown Egg’s worked well along with Leech and Fry pattern’s.
Few pics from last week.  Matt and Jamie did really well before the river came up.  Bob and Rick had a great couple of days fishing in the high water the river came up and the fish were happy. They both fished really well and brought quite a few fish to hand.  A couple brutes too !!!! Nick finished off the week fishing the pockets the pockets and pools in search of chrome and he accomplished the mission. Finding a few nice fish on all Technique’s so that was cool. We Indy fished, swung flies, and C-N-D.