Mar 2018

March Madness!

Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River is getting tougher by the day.   With lack of precipitation, cold nights and sunny days the river is extremely low and clear.  A majority of the Fall / Winter Steelhead have now spawned and worked there way out to Lake Michigan. For now there are  Steelhead scattered through out the whole river system, just not a lot.   We desperately could use some rain to get some more Spring Steelhead pushing up into the river.  Flies last week were smaller Nuke Egg’s in more natural colors. Stonefly Nymph’s and Fry patterns are starting to work well too.  On the swing try smaller baitfish and Sculpin patterns in Olive or Black.

Pics last week 3/12-3/16  Like I say ” nastier the day the more happier Steelhead are”  A wonderful Winter Steelheading day. Greg with one of his personal best PM Steelhead, he and Matt are all smiles with this big Buck.  Steve with a nice Chrome hen, his first taken on a Indy rig and the fat line. Gary all smiles on a cold day with this big buck Steelhead.  Matt all smiles with this great Hen Steelhead in it’s pretty spring colors.  Tom brings a couple great fish in on his New Switch rod and Indicator rig.  Sam with a little buck he took on a Estaz Egg.  John finished off the week we a couple of nice fish this hen though was one of the freshest of the week. “Chrome”