I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.  I would like to thank all my fishing clients, friends and family for your help, phone calls and email’s during this crazy time, I truly appreciate it.  Been great catching up with everyone, just the little things make you realize how much we should be thankful and grateful for. I want to give a big thanks to Brian and his awesome staff at Nomad Anglers for their support.  Nomad Anglers has put together a raffle to fish with some great guides and great friends of mine. Big “thanks” to Nomad Anglers for your generosity and for including me in on the raffle. Be sure to purchase a ticket or just check out Nomad Anglers online store.  With trout opener just around the corner check out some of the great deals and fly ting selection to get those boxes full. Great way to cure boredom. In times like these support your local Fly Shops https://nomadanglers.com/products/michigan-fly-fishing-guide-raffle
It’s starting to look and sound like Spring along the banks of the Pere Marquette River.   The Turkeys are Gobbling in the mornings along with the Grouse drumming.  The grass is getting greener and before to long the Morel Mushroom’s will be showing themselves.  I haven’t really been to motivated to fish lately.  Every time I get geared up to head down to the river , there are quite a few Anglers around.  Remember to practice social distancing and stay safe.   Cutting firewood has been a big priority at the house right now while the days are cool and the skeeters aren’t out yet.  I did get out a bit this last week the weather was a bit cooler so the Angling pressure was much lower.    The river is in great shape right now with a little stain and warmer water temps the Trout are getting more active and even looking up on those nicer spring days.  I saw a few feeding on little black stoneflies the other day.   For myself it’s been about swinging the fly still and getting the one last Steelhead before fall.  Fry patterns along with smaller Sculpin’s and Gobies have worked really well.
Pics a couple  Steelhead taken on the Swing and a dandy Brown.  One morning I was wishing I had my Turkey Tag a group of young and old Gobblers checking out the river too.