Hope everyone had a great Trout opener last weekend. This week will be the end of the Spring Steelhead Season for myself and my clients. It was a good Spring as far as fishing went, weather not so much. From snow, wind and rain. It was spring then back to winter, then summer and then winter. I’m sick of riding Mother Natures rollercoaster. I’m ready for Dry flies, Mosquito Repellent and Sun-Block. Steelhead numbers are dropping now as they make there journey back to Lake Michigan. With the warmer weather last week the water temps rose. The fish spawned faster and heading down the river. This is good though we don’t want them in here when water temps get to warm. Trout fishing is starting to pick up as they’re keying in on food other then Steelhead egg’s, try small Salmon Fry patterns along with Stonefly Nymph’s and smaller Streamers. I would like to thank everyone who joined me this Spring it is always great to see everyone and catch up after a good old fashion Michigan Winter. Overall it was a consistent run of Steelhead this Spring with good fishing from February all the way to now. Which was nice , it didn’t all happen at once which can easily occur with warmer Springs and higher water.

Pics from last week 4/23-4/26 Larry finds this nice Steelhead that was fooled by a Salmon Fry imitation. Scott joined for a couple days of great fishing. He started the Trout opener off right with this great Brown. (top pic) He also did well on Steelhead despite the bright sun. Steve finds these two nice fish on a colder ,wetter day. Both fish took a Parr imitation on the swing. Check out the latest issue of Swing the Fly 2019 Volume 2.