Mother Nature’s cruel joke is getting old now.  It was funny at first, but Winter just wont let go. I went XC Skiing the last two evenings , just crazy.  Last week we saw two Winter blizzards come in and Arctic temperature’s by the weekend. With low’s in the single digits and snow accumulation of 8 inches or more.  Steelhead fishing became even tougher then it already was.  With the cold clear water and more old fish then new, the bite is getting harder.  Hopefully when the snow melts will get a little more water in the river.  Some warmer weather, to push some New Steelhead into the river would be great too.  For now it’s Winter fishing again with smaller Nuke Egg’s in natural tones. Small Stoneflies, Fry Patterns and little Leeches have been working well for the eager fish that want a meal.

Pics last week 4/2-4/6  Calm before the storm. Bruce and John had a great day in the River. We found quite a few eager Steelhead before the storm hit. John hooked this nice Rainbow on a small Leech too.  Watch out Pere Marquette Steelhead these ladies mean business. Allison and Sam with a nice Brown before the snow started.   Tom found this nice fresh PM Buck on a Fry pattern with morning temps in the single digit’s.   I don’t ever recall to many April’s I had enough daylight and snow to get the X/C Ski’s out. June was enjoying it.