Spring has landed on the banks of the Pere Marquette River.  Morel’s are out, bird’s are singing and the trees are budding,  I’m back on the two wheel program. The trails ate in good shape and so am I.  Life couldn’t be better.   Trout fishing on the Pere Marquette River has been good.   With low pressure system’s, cool nights and rain.  Dry Fly fishing has still been slow the last couple weeks.  Yesterday I  saw a good amount of bugs in the air in the  afternoon when the temperature’s warmed up. Hendrickson’s, Quills, Caddis and few Stoneflies have been popping.  The river is dropping fast and clearing so look for fish starting to look up.  I have still been throwing Streamers which has been decent.  Typical Streamer fishing days, the bright sunny ones are tougher then the cloudy days.  With more fish sniffing the fly then biting it.  With a few Steelhead around and some bigger Brown’s showing  interest the days have had some rewards.  Yesterday Scott of Wisconsin ( A Packer Fan,  I knew it was going to be a good day) and it was he landed a true two footer. Will probably one of the biggest fish taken on the PM for the summer.  It was awesome!!!
Pics:  Steve with a trophy PM Brown taken on a streamer.  He finished off the day with this Steelhead that smashed a Baitfish pattern in the sun.  Jim joined me on his Birthday Monday and found some great Birthday fish. We had a great bite and cloud’s all day.  Bob had a better day on Streamers with Steelhead then Trout. We hooked three Steelhead on the Strip and one on the swing last week. It was pretty cool !!!!