We finally lost the last little pile of snow at the house last week.  Sunday we had a Oriole land on the feeder and Hummingbird zipped by my head while Mountain Biking the other day. What a relief it finally feels and looks like Spring up here.  We’re seeing some Spring rains too what we desperately needed.  The river came up and is in really good shape.   The Steelhead run has fizzled fast with the higher water they spawned and now are riding the faster current out to Lake Michigan.  It’s time to switch gears, Trout fishing has started the Streamer bite was on and off this weekend.  The lower you went in the river meant dirtier the water.  Didn’t move to many fish but did roll and couple good ones. This is expected with dirty water you might see a lot of fish but usually the ones your eyes will witness for a brief second or half a strip can be good.  Look for Trout fishing to continue to pick up as river drops and temps warm.   Bugs should start hatching a little better. Look for Hendrickson’s, Tan Caddis, Quills, BWO’s and even a few Sulphur’s in some areas.  For Streamers try big and flashy until the water starts to clear.  Once again want to thank everyone who joined me for a terrific Steelhead Season.   It was great catching up with all of you and enjoying our time on the river.  Thanks !!!!
Pics from 4/30-5/4  Tim and his boys joined me for the annual Spring Steelhead trip.  We had great fishing, despite the lack of fish in the system the guys found some players.  Andrew with a nice Buck that took a Parr pattern.  Henry all smiles with this nice Steelhead that he hooked and landed all on his own he was pretty excited.  Take a kid fishing you will not regret it.  Mike and Kevin had a great day on the river. Honestly I think it was the only day we didn’t have rain last week.  Mike with a fresh Chrome Hen that took a small Leech fly. Kevin with a nice Brown Trout.   Shifting gears , first Dirtbike ride of the year.  It was a good one saw 6 Deer,2 Grouse, 1 Coyote and a Bear.