It’s a Raincoat and Mosquito Repellent Spring on the Pere Marquette River.  Not much to report on other then it’s raining again.  Been one of the wettest Springs I have seen in awhile. River is on the rise once again, with heavy rains all day Sunday and into today. It’s coming into its banks and is really dirty.  The Gray Drakes are still around, however starting to fizzle out in certain areas.  Still seeing quite  a smorgasbord of bug’s on any given day. From Drakes along with Sulphur’s, Stoneflies, Caddis and a whole lot of Deer Flies and Mosquitos.  Don’t forget the bug dope and buff’s.  Now though looks like another week of Streamer fishing with a lot of rain and a cold front coming in again.  It’s been a wet Spring with a lot of food floating down the Pere Marquette River.  Trout are starting to get lazy and selective on what they want to eat. This is good in the long run for these fish are going to be fat and happy through out the summer months. Daytime fishing last week was tough just a bunch of small fish. With the warmer weather evenings were better for bugs and fish looking up.
Pics River as of Monday 6/10/2019. Trout pics before the rain.  Congrats to Rich Felber with his personal best  Brown Trout ever taken on a Gray Drake and to Jamie his wife with a great net job.  Gray Drakes , lots of bugs daytime and night time. Great fish taken on a Gray Drake.