The Pere Marquette is still fishing pretty tough for Trout, we saw another big rain system last week.  The river once again came up and became really dirty.    The water has now dropped and started to clear, flows are fast so be careful if wading.   The fish are really full from all the easy meals floating down during the high water.  We’re seeing plenty of bugs, Drakes, Sulphers, Stoneflies and some Iso’s in certain areas.  Thursday evening after a heavy rain we had bugs on the water , plenty of Drakes. The mosquitos were more interested in us then the Trout were in eating those flies.   Streamer fishing and Nymphing has been the best bet. With warmer weather on the way again, the river should drop and the big bugs should start.  I have been seeing plenty of Hex’s coming off local Lakes in the area.  Good luck and remember bug spray.
Pics Last week.  Bob had a great couple days of Streamer fishing with a nice Brown and Rainbow.  Heavy rains made the river fishing tough, so back on the Lakes with Ed and John to try some Fly Fishing for Bass. We did great !!! The next day saw Jim and Joe getting some huge Large Mouth on the a variety of lures and flies.