Trout fishing on the Pere Marquette River has been hit or miss.  Last week we saw good numbers of Gray Drakes in the air but minimal Spinner falls through out the week.  Some stretches and nights were decent some nights a bust.  By the Holiday weekend the weather and Dry Fly fishing started to heat up. By Sunday there were reports of even a few Hex’s fluttering around in spots on and off the river.   We saw heavy rains Monday night into Tuesday morning the river came up and got extremely dirty.  This wont make the mosquito hatch any better but will get rid of the pollen , which is horrible right now.   So flies have been Drakes, Sulphurs, Stoneflies and even a few Hendrickon’s still.  By Friday though could be throwing the meat and potatoes again.  Zoo Cougars, Circus Peanuts and other big Streamers to get there attention.

Trout from last week