Happy Summer !!!! It’s official summer has begun.  Now maybe will see less rain and more sunny warm days ahead. Looks like the end of the week things are going to start to heat up along the Pere Marquette River.  Which is a good sign, we still haven’t seen a lot of Hex’s popping yet with the cooler days and nights.  Some warm weather should kick them off.  Right now the river is once again high, the lower you go in the river system the dirtier the water.   Beginning  of last week was off to a good start as we finally started to raise some fish during the day on Dry Flies. Then mother nature dropped another round of rain on us and it was back to streamers.  The fish are getting quite full with all the rain and nature’s buffet of worms and nymphs.  Some lower, warmer water would be a blessing.
Pics from last week. Bob had a great couple of days taking some nice fish on top with Dry Flies. Back to Streamers Nelson and Matt had a good day on the water after the heavy rains.  Warm water fishing is starting to heat up too.