The Pere Marquette is in much better shape then the last two weeks.   The river would get into great shape and then we would see heavy amounts of rain which would completely blow it out with high , dirty water.   This recipe makes for some tough Trout fishing this time of year. The fish become full with the higher water and faster flows, food becomes easy for them to obtain.  Just like most of us after a Thanksgiving meal we become tired and lazy.  Good news though is with all this water the fish are healthy and fat with a lot of energy.  When hooked there bending even a 6 weight to the cork.   Lately it’s been mostly Streamer fishing  and a little Dry Fly fishing. We’re seeing a good amount of bugs in the evening like Gray Drakes, Sulphurs and Stoneflies the fish however aren’t rising much and the bugs are doing what they do best in Michigan not hitting the water.  The bug of all bugs right now though is the Mosquito, they are absolutely horrible in the evenings.  No matter how much bug dope or Thermacell’s you have there still really bad from all the rain and humid weather.  With the tougher river fishing the last few weeks, I was fortunate to have some clients that had permission to fish some private lakes not only for Trout but some Warm Water species as well. It was a lot of fun and always great to spend some time on different water.  Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.  Tight Lines !!! Jeff
Peter with a awesome Large Mouth taken on a Popper. A giant Bluegill.  Jim and I had a epic Streamer day with clouds and dirty water it was awesome. Until our phones went dead.  Bruce all smiles with this awesome Rainbow taken on a bugger.  Ed holds a great Bass taken on a Matt Zudweg “Zudbubbler”.   Ken with a great Bass taken on a Yamamoto.  A good Drake eater of a Brown Trout.