Hope everyone who reads these reports is doing well.  Just wanted to get a quick river report up before the weekend.  The Pere Marquette River is rising with heavy rains we saw on Tues and Wed.  The river came up quick and was still on the rise this afternoon.  Clarity was getting bad too. With rains still forecasted for Friday it could be coming up even more.  Salmon fishing has been tough with all the rain as of lately.  There are fish trough out the whole river now.  They are very scattered though when we see heavy rains this forces them to move and scatter quickly. The good news is it also pushes new fish into the river too.  So things should only get better after mother nature decides to turn off the faucet.   The fish this year when hooked are handful not to easy to land on a fly rod.  I don’t think I have seen one hooked under 18 pounds so far,  most are all over the 20 lb range.  Good Luck and be safe out there the flows are fast and the current is high. Rather your in a Boat, Canoe or wading which could be extremely difficult this weekend. Please be careful and no your limits.  Will post a more up to date report in  beginning of next  week.
Tight Lines !!!!