Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this great weather.   Unfortunately, the Pere Marquette River could use some rain and some more King Salmon in it.   The run so far is very small, not a lot of fish around. The Kings that are present are big again this year so be prepared for some good battles !!!!   The Salmon are really scattered through the river system,  a good rain and hopefully some North winds will turn things around.  The lack of fish can be a lot of things weather, low cycle period and the killing of hens before the spawn.  This should be a wakeup call for all the folks that like to kill these fish in the river system.  Just remember by practicing catch and release these fish will be able to get up the river to spawn so we can have more to fish for in the future.  The old Salmon saying is “they’re going to die anyways”.  As Anglers you need to realize they still must spawn for us to have future fish.  Now a few are spawning around gravel and some are in the dark pools still.   Trout fishing is starting to pick up too, with smaller Egg’s and Nymphs.   The river is seeing a lot of Angling pressure so please be friendly to one another, don’t leave garbage around and just have fun enjoying this great watershed.
Pics 9/11-9/16 Nola is all smiles with her first Salmon and biggest fish ever taken on a fly rod.   The Eichenberg family Paul, Mindy and Sam enjoying a beautiful day on the water.  Sam managed to get a great King to the net and a nice Brown trout. Bruce is happy man taking this awesome Brown Trout while egging a pocket.  Bruce with a nice King . John and Bruce having a great time as always !!!   Ed spent a couple days on the river and managed to wrestle with a few Kings we had a great time.  His son Peter joined us the second day.