We finally received some much-needed rain on the banks of the Pere Marquette River a week ago.  River level did come up quite a bit and the lower you went into the river system the dirtier it was. With the colder weather this week the river is dropping fast and getting clear.  The lower river sections still have a nice stain to them, while the upper stretches are starting to clear.  We’re mostly fishing for dropback Steelhead now and I’m starting to switch gears to Trout fishing too. Hopefully, the rain brought some new Steelhead into the system, for now though the bulk of the Steelhead have been heading back out to Lake Michigan. With the higher water from the rain last week the focus now will be on our beautiful Trout this river is known for. Right now, we’re fishing our way down the river using multiple tactics and fishing for fish wanting to bite. It’s been a lot of fun. Last week, we hooked Steelhead on Indy Rigs, the Swing, and the Strip. It was really cool.  Trout should get good if we see some warmer weather soon. I’m already seeing a smorgasbord of Bugs coming off daily:  Little Black Stoneflies,  Hendrickson’s, and Olives on Cloudy days.  Streamers will also fish well as the water temps warm; they are chasing a lot of Salmon Fry.   If you still want to chase Steelhead you can find them throughout the whole river system. Be sure to cover a lot of spots.  Good Luck !!!! Thanks to everyone who joined for another great week on the river.
Pics from 4/7-4/16 2021   Pete find this great Steelhead that took a Fry Pattern.  Ed is still in Spring training and has joined me for a couple days again, he just can’t get enough of chasing trout on this river. Here he is with a giant buck that too ate a fry pattern on the hang down.  Jim and Julie came up from Missouri to join me for their annual Steelhead trip in the Spring. We hunted hard and found some nice fish on both the days.  Jim with a great Hen that crushed a baitfish pattern on the strip in.  Julie with a brute of a buck that took a Feenstra’s “Better than Spawn” pattern.  Stripped some streamers with Jeff because it was that kind of day – nasty rain and clouds.  Jeff is all smile with his biggest Steelhead on a Fly.  Jeff also coaxed this nice Brown on a streamer.