The rain came and so did the Salmon, fishing last week was much better a lot of fresh fish were moving up the river.   The water didn’t really come up too much, just got a little dirty.   It could be on the rise by Monday, with the rain we received over the weekend.  Salmon are scattered through the whole river system and you can find them in pools .pockets and around gravel.  Seen a few Steelhead around last week and was very blessed to see one land in our net last week.  Trout fishing has been good too with small egg imitations.   Try colors like Salmon, Oregon Cheese, Cream and White.  Saw a few great Brown’s being caught last week on smaller Eggs and light tippet.  Fall has arrived the trees are starting to show their vibrant colors and the morning air has been cold.  Angling pressure is still very high just remember to show respect to your fellow Angler and if you see garbage please pick it up. Good luck !!!!
Pics from last week, which was great , thanks to everyone for joining me.   9/25-10/1   Mark has a lot of reasons to smile big:  1. A big Steelhead to the net. 2. Taken on a 6 -weight fly rod while fishing for Trout with 3x tippet an Indicator and a Roll Cast. 3. It was his Birthday. Doesn’t get any better than that. Congrats !!!! While Trout fishing Sam brought this King in on a 5 weight. Both these rods were Echo Carbon Rods they’re so tough. I highly recommend them.  Steve and Karen joined me for some Trout fishing and Steve brought this awesome Brown to hand that taped at 24″ on an Oregon Cheese Egg fly.  Karen find a good one too.  Dave K. and Dave S. joined for a great day of Salmon fishing and Dave S. took some great photos.   I was able to reach a goal of 1,000 miles on my Mountain Bike this season from May until the end of September all Singletrack was excited. Fall also means Bird Season and Happy Bird Dog’s the leaves are still thick so shooting has been tough, June and Omni are loving life.