The bump in the water early last week saw some good Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River.  Hard to believe last week you could be in a t-shirt and now we have around three inches of snow on the ground.  You can find Steelhead scattered throughout the whole river system.   The river now is getting low and clear with the colder weather were seeing.   For flies last week, Chartreuse Nuke Eggs, Bigger Clown Egg’s In Steelhead Orange worked well under the Indicator.  For the Swing try Leech patterns like the Firecracker, Halloween and Lite Bright Leech.  Good Luck on the water and if you get out in the woods tomorrow for our Opening Day of Firearm Deer Season good luck to you and be safe.
Few Steelhead Pics from last week.  Nelson all smiles with this nice buck that took a Clown Egg. Ed with his first fall Steelhead.  Howard with nice little Skipper that spent more time out of the water fighting then in.  Kurt with a absolute stud of a Buck his personal best.  Bob with a nice fresh buck.  A nice little Buck that ripped my Swing fly.