Nov 2020


The Pere Marquette is very low and clear.  Steelhead fishing remains tough in these conditions.  You can find Steelhead really scattered throughout the whole river system, just not a lot of them.  Look for fishing to continue to be tough as this week’s weather is going to feel more like late Spring then fall.   Presentation is a big key in these situations when pursuing these fish with fly rod and reel.   Indicator fishing your first casts must be the one with hopes you do not spook that fish in the run , approach it cautiously.   For the swing downsize the sink tip and fly , less flash during the day and more in the low light of early a.m. or evening.    Small Sculpin patterns in olive or small Leech patterns can be effective.
Support our local PMTU Chapter with help to restore the bank at the Cove. Over the years with strong storms and heavy rains comes erosion along the river’s edge. The area on the river known as the Cove, could use your help. Check out https://www.pmtu.org/2020/10/31/embrace-a-stream-fundraising-campaign-november-2-8/. Thanks !!!!