Steelhead fishing this last week was much tougher, water became extremely low and clear and weather felt more like a summer day of hopper fishing for Trout then Steelhead fishing. We did see some rain Friday night and Saturday and looks like river bumped up on Sunday, which we desperately need.  There are Steelhead now throughout the whole river system.  For flies on the swing if water comes up and gets some color to it, bright Leech patterns Firecrackers, Heckler’s and Miserable Magnets will work great. If it stays low and clear more subtle flies like Pugsley and Luscious Leech.  For Eggs try bigger and brighter if waters higher and more natural colors if it’s still low.  Good luck and remember to please educate Anglers on Catch N Release and Beads are not to be used in the “Flies Only Stretch”.   Thanks and good Luck!!!
Few Pics from a fun a very successful week of Steelheading thanks guys will see you soon. Jim is all smiles with one of his personal best Steelhead in many years.  Eric finds this chromer on the switch rod and egg fly.  Todd finds this finds this nice Steelhead on the first cast of the day.  Bruce with a great fish from the other day.  Bob cracks this giant Hen and off with a great battle and memories.   Howard with a great fish taken on a small Clown Egg.