Feb 2022

On and Off

Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River is going hand in hand with these weird weather patterns we’re having this winter.  Super cold days the fishing becomes difficult with slush and shelf ice building. Warmer days we see a bump in the water temperatures and the fish become a little happier.  Still the bite has been on, and off which is usually the case in the winter months. The river once again is extremely low and clear.   I am seeing a few brighter fish in the system now, so spring is just around the corner.  For flies last week did some Nymphing with the fat lines and floats.  The Hub’s Hex fished well along with smaller more natural color egg patterns.  On the swing with the sunny brighter days Sculpins have fished well and darker colder days try Black and Blue or Purple.
Scott joined me for a great day on the water, he wanted to learn some Indicator tactics and did well hitting a few fish and shaking hands with a couple bruisers.  Nice Steelhead that fell for some Winter colors of Black and Blue on the swing.