The Pere Marquette River bumped up significantly last week.  By Friday it was into the banks and very dirty.  Over the weekend it has started to drop, current is fast still but clarity is a little better.  For flies last week, ” Bigger and Brighter” was key. Clown Eggs in Nectar of the God’s and Hubba Bubba worked good and bigger Egg Sucking Leeches, Fry Patterns worked well too.
A few pics of great fish and smiley faces from last week : 3/8-3/14   Nick ended the week with a bang we had some really- good Steelhead fishing as the river levels started to drop.  Searching some pools for Chrome and he found this super green and mean Hen.  Bob and Jim joined me for their annual Spring Steelhead trip we found some great fish on Leeches and clown Egg’s.  Larry   joined me in the high water we had to work a little harder due to the dirtier water, in the end had a great day.   With an unexpected day off and nice day to boot, Heather and I went exploring and we hooked some great Steelhead on Fry patterns and Clown Egg’s.